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Born in response to social distancing measures, we want to provide all singers, from all denominations, and all corners of the globe, an opportunity to come together to sing and worship. We’re blown away that 1700 people from 5 Continents have signed-up & engaged with the choir, with hundreds of people coming together for each of our videos.

You are invited to add your voice to the National Methodist Choir of Great Britain.

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Get involved!

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Messages to our members…

See the rehearsal and run through videos

See all you need to participate on the members page.

Under 26?

If you’re lucky enough to be under 26, you’re completely welcome here, and you might also value a visit to our friends at OneSound. They’re really great!

How it works

First steps…


If you think of yourself as a technophobe, don’t worry… joining the virtual choir is really easy. When you sign-up, we’ll give you all the info, with easy to follow steps. And if you get confused or overwhelmed, just get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help!

It’s simple…


To join the choir, you’ll need to sign-up, and we can then acces the members page. You might like to subscribe to the newsletter too, which will keep you up to speed with when videos and news are released. If you’d like to consider donating to support this new ministry – but there is no pressure to – that would be gratefully recieved.


Once you’ve signed up, and the votes have been counted, we’ll share the arrangements, and video tutorials to help you learn your part. We’ll schedule a few live streamed rehearsals too. Once you’re ready to go, we’ll let you know how to go about recording and sending your part to us. The technical geniuses will then mix your dulcet tones into a choir of angels!

Matt Beckingham

Artistic Director

Matt counts himself as priviledged to have worked with some wonderful organisations, as Conductor, Chorus Master and/or Orchestrator. Organisations Matt has worked with include: London Philharmonic Choir, London Symphony Orchesta, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Berlin Rundfunkchor, Opera North. He has performed for HM The Queen in Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, alongside performing in arenas to concert venues, and recording in studios including Abbey Road.


The National Methodist Choir of Great Britain, in response to the C-19 social distancing measures launched as a virtual choir.

Initially hoping to reach 100 people, the choir now numbers over 1500 from countries over 5 continents. 

Your gift will enable the choir to continue to flourish: to reach more people both within and outside of the church; for administrative help to support the choir & it’s members; it will help cover licences for music; it will help resource the choir to produce more and higher quality resources, and make the final videos even better. As the choir moves to inviting a small membership fee, we want to ensure all can still access the choir, and your gift will help support places for those who might face financial barriers.

It’s amazing that our videos have reached 55,000 views – what a wonderful way to share the Good News, particularly at a time when there is so much bad news.

In short, your gift will help the choir look to the future with confidence, to build on all that has been achieved in the short term, and to fulfil its potential.


National Methodist Choir GB brings together singers from across the Methodist Church in Great Britain, and other denominations in the UK and around the world. NMCGB is a living demonstration that the Methodist Church wasn’t just born in song, but is living and thriving in song now, too.

NMCGB Launch

We’re hopeful that in person NMCGB events will launch in late 2021 / early 2022. For details about joining the choir, the first course, and more, just sign-up for our newsletter below.